Papel Principal

Papel Principal

Papel Principal

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49 minuti 2024 HD

Papel Principal su Tantifilm. At the center of this story is Aurora Guerra, a popular actress who became a star in the teen series "The Chosen Ones" at an early age. Irene and Julio, Aurora's parents, signed her up for a casting several years ago and the matriarch, realizing that the decision was between her and another girl, managed to play the casting director in Aurora's favor. Lúcia has the same dream: to be a successful actress and decides to apply for the casting as well, but she soon realizes Irene's scheme and decides to confront her. After a violent argument between the two, Lúcia ends up having an accident that almost took her life and killed her chance of becoming an actress, due to the physical disabilities she was left with. Twenty years later, Lucia is determined to take revenge. The young woman wants to get back what she believes Aurora has taken from her, far from imagining that she is just a victim of Irene's evil deeds.

  • Genere: Dramma
  • Nazione: Portugal
  • Direttore: Ana Casaca
  • Cast:
Papel Principal
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